Sunday, March 3, 2013

Come Fly With Me, Let's Fly, Let's Fly Away

Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a good weekend!  Sorry it's taken me a little bit to get another post out but I'm excited about what I have to show you today.  This is a nail polish I received from a friend and I was really excited to wear it.  Having a 1 year old at home and working nights makes it hard to find time to paint my nails so I was actually "nekkid" for a few days =( I waited until the kiddo went down for a nap yesterday and went to work.

I'll Fly Away by Daily Lacquer

This is "I'll Fly Away" by Daily Lacquer!  It's a blue, shimmery base with pink glitter as well as pink hearts and flowers.  When I put on the first coat it was very sheer but I had tons of glitter in the first application.  I ended up adding 2 more coats to get a more opaque look.  I really liked the polish in the bottle but, for me, it was hard to get enough of the hearts and flowers onto my nail.  I am a little neurotic about my nail polish so I'm having to learn to adjust to the sporadic placement of the larger glitter, but that's just a personal pet peeve.

 A close up of the large pink hearts

 Pink flower

Finished product

I am going to play around with this polish a little bit more, I think by adding 3 coats it was harder to get the large glitters to lay right,  The polish went on smoothly and has worn well so far =)  My hands are in water constantly during my shift so having polish that doesn't chip is a must for me.  I hope you all will check out Daily Lacquer on Etsy and see what she has to offer, I know I will be getting more from her soon.  Stay tuned for my next post, there's something amazing coming!

See you soon,

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